I have to admit that gas powered lawn mowers can be a bit of a pain in the ass. Over the years I have been known to call them all sorts of bad names when they won’t start. Milwaukee resident Keith Walendowski took being grumpy at his lawn mower to new highs, he shot it with a sawn-off shotgun!

This did not amuse the local cops and they have now charged our illustrious and grumpy Keith Walendowski with disorderly conduct and possession of a sawn-off shotgun. If found guilty he could face a fine of up to $11,000 and a maximum prison sentence of six-and-a-half years.

Naturally Mr Walendowski is a little upset over this, and he pointed out “It’s my lawn mower and my yard, so I can shoot it if I want.”

There is a pretty hot rumor that  Mr Walendowski had been drinking prior to the shotgun adventure. Regardless of his state of sobriety, he does make a salient point, the incident happened on private property, and other than likely voiding the warranty on the lawnmower, no harm was done.

Maybe the best quote on the warenty issue comes from Dick Wagner of Wagner’s Garden Mart in Milwaukee “ANYTHING not factory recommended would void the warranty.”  Now I have not checked the owners manual for a Lawn-Boy, but I’ll bet there is no mention of guns in the warranty section.

I recommend that Mr Walendowski tests the theory by taking the mower in to Wagner’s Garden Mart.

Simon Barrett


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