A UK law firm has recovered compensation for the family of a woman that died from an asbestos related disease as the result of washing her husband’s clothes in the 1960s. The woman suffered secondary asbestos exposure from the asbestos dust and fibers on her husband’s work clothing. The compensation amounted to one hundred and thirty thousand pounds (around two hundred and fifty thousand dollars).

Don Merritt worked as a lagger in the 1960s for the Cape Asbestos Company, and his wife Jacky used to wash his clothes. Mr Merritt decided to sue Cape for failing to protect workers from asbestos exposure, and for allowing them to take home clothes to be washed, which meant that others would also be exposed.

A lawyer dealing with the case said: “Jacky was unknowingly exposed to asbestos while washing her husband’s overalls, which led to the development of mesothelioma nearly 40 years later. I am pleased we persuaded Cape to pay compensation to the Merritt family in this tragic case.”

Mr Merritt said: “My family has been tragically affected and continue to suffer from the consequences of being poisoned by asbestos dust. I’m absolutely certain that most solicitors would have given up the fight for any compensation for me. Peter has been extremely sensitive and professional throughout the process.”

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