If you go back in time to the beginning of the 2000’s  and hand them an ipad they will be amazed. Tell them that they will have this item in a few short years? Mind blown! Technology is changing at a rapid pace and its hard to keep up with. Just how fast? Well lets review some of the big tech stories of last week.

Netflix On Cable!

Netflix has made the push on to cable television and will now be a channel on Atlantic broadband, Rcn Telecom and Grande Communications according to businessweek. The deal was announced on April 25th and was done in part to eliminate the division between Netflix and average television viewers. The chief strategy and marketing officer for Atlantic Broadband says the two services fit  “hand in glove.” Netflix is also rumored to be in talks with bigger cable providers like Comcast, which can mean much more exposure for the already popular service. This is a small glimpse into a completely different television experience in the years down the line.

Google and Facebook in a Dogfight

What are they fighting for? Airplanes, and perhaps all kinds of other technology. A company called Titan Aerospace is working on building solar powered unmanned drones that can fly without landing. Facebook ended up buying another similar company for $20 billion and Google acquired Titan for an “undisclosed amount.” The goal being to provide wireless internet to those who are not currently online. Both Google and Facebook are heavily focused on expansion. Recently Facebook purchased Whats app for 19 billion and Google acquired Nest, a maker of smart home technology. It’s become evident both companies are focused on branching out, all we can do is patiently wait to see what they do with all these new resources.

Microsoft and Nokia are Done

Microsoft has officially acquired Nokia for more than $7.5 billion as the deal comes to a close. Nokia is now part of Microsoft’s new approach to the mobile market. According to Stephen Elop this can be the reason the billions of people that can be “exposed to Microsoft for the first time.” Perhaps this is Microsoft reacting to the increase in mobile usage over the personal computer in recent years.

All This Last Week

That’s right, all of this happened last week, and its not even the tip of the iceberg. There has also been development in a potential cure for cancer when a woman beat cancer by joining a 29 patient trial of a new drug being developed. While it was unsuccessful for most patients they worked for one. If scientist can find out a way to replicate the result it could mean leaps and bounds for cancer treatment.

If we go back just a few years we couldn’t use the internet and the house phone at the same time. Today however, we use internet on our mobile phones wirelessly and most people don’t even remember what a house phone is. If all this happened last week, imagine what the next few years will look like.

Sean Dudayev is owner of Insurechance Inc.

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