I don’t know if your and animal lover like me. It’s sad to learn that one magnificant animal is slowly dying off. Once over 100,000 tigers roamed but so few are left. Numbers of last count say that only 5,000 tigers remain. Poaching has become a become problem as well as the tigers land where they lived and bred their young is dwindling. If you have gone to the zoo, if your like me, you never left without visiting the tiger area. There is something about these big cats which spark our curiosity and wonderment. If we are not careful this animal will soon be gone and our children’s children will not be able to enjoy this magificant beast. I know these animals are wild but you sometimes want to go up and hug them and stick your face in their fur. All though this is not possible just seeing this great animal helps us to admire this wonderful world we live in. But, like so many areas in this world man has shown complete disregard for animals natural habitat and slaughtered many in the name of sport. Its time to wake up and not to allow this to continue. We must preserve what remains of our wild life before it is gone forever. Source

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