Stressed Out over Gift Ideas?

Need some Help for That Person that’s “Hard to Buy for”?

LBG’s Suggests some Unusual Gift Ideas

We know how busy everyone is this time of year and how hard it is to find those “last minute” Christmas gifts. We’ve come up with a list of classy gifts that will be sure to please and take some of the shopping stress out of your holidays.

Need a gift for your Liberal friends that won’t bust your budget?

For less than 20 bucks the Chia Tree will show your Gaia lover friends or loved ones you’re hip on counteracting Global Warming.

Want to make a “bold” statement? Bathroom Gifts has just the “statement” for you. We’re not sure what kind of statement you’d be making, but none-the-less.

Red Kiss Designer Toilet Seat

Make a bold statement in any home or office with these hard-wearing Acrylic Toilet Seats.

Made of a durable clear acrylic, this toilet seat has red lip prints are embedded on the seat and a racy pair of red ladies underwear and sweet silk flowers to create a decorative focal point in any bathroom.

The perfect gift for a friend or loved one who needs the ultimate in Debugging and Privacy.

The next gift is the perfect gift for paranoid pals freaked out over the Patriot Act:

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Last Minute Shopping: Gifts for Christmas 


Last Minute Shopping: Gifts for Christmas

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