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Steel Pier gets 1 year reprieve

Demolition crews were supposed to be gearing up to attack the old pier, but that’s been put on hold for one more season.  Design considerations and building permit approvals have slowed things down a bit, but the Steel Pier will definitely be gone after this coming summer.  Slated to take its place is what’s being called a luxury development project, though presumably different than the Pier at Caesar’s further down the boardwalk.  The word ‘housing’ popped up in the Courier Post article, so one can assume that we’re talking condos.

Atlantic City is still evolving some 30 years after gambling hit the beach, and attractions like the Steel Pier never stood a chance when compared to Las Vegas.  There’s even a new Monopoly game in stores, where the streets of Atlantic City are no longer bought and sold.  The most famous of the old attractions on the pier, the Diving Horse and the Diving Bell, may have contained an omen in their names.  Before the casinos came to town, the reality is that AC had become a ‘dive’ in every sense of the word.

Frank Sinatra, in his youth, was a fixture at the Pier, and older locals can recall him hanging out with the girls that worked boardwalk concessions.  Abbot and Costello introduced ‘Who’s on First’ while working that world famous stage.  Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey played under the stars, as did Bob Hope and Mae West.  Even the Three Stooges perfected their slapstick routines there, before putting them on film, but that was then, and this is now.

The real Steel Pier has been gone for quite a while, the victim of a fire in 1982.  The old wooden structure was replaced by a concrete slab in ’93, and has only hosted a handful of kiddie rides ever since.  If you have memories of the place, file them away someplace safe.  They may become priceless someday.  A glimpse at the Diving Horse would have cost you 25 cents.  A key to one of the new condos might approach 7 figures.

Full Story: Courier Post

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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