It doesn’t matter how you slice it or dice it, those are three chilling words for many people involved with the Armed Services.

I first began to understand the meaning of those three simple words when I watched the documentary by that same name. If you have not watched it you should. My review is here.

Unfortunately we live in a world where the written word has given way to more dynamic mediums. Very occasionally I find something that does indeed beat the written word. Maybe Angel Flight is it?

It is easy to poke fun at life, it is much harder to embrace all of it. I am proud of every man and woman that gets up each day, puts on the uniform, and knows that today could be the last day on this earth.

You can knock Obama, Bush, and just about everyone else in the political insanity. But never, ever knock the fine men and women that make our lives possible. These people are special, these people put their lives on the line everyday.

Simon Barrett

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