The dreaded Pakistan-based global terror outfit, Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT), is planning to strike in the Indian capital amidst Divali celebrations in the whole country. The planning to strike during the festival season was laid bare with the arrest of two terrorists in New Delhi along with explosives.

The terrorists, identified as Mohd Aslam Gir and Abdul Razaq, residents of Rajshahi district of Bangladesh, were travelling in a train and have landed with 1.5 kg RDX on the Delhi railway station with the sole purpose of carrying out blasts in the national capital.

The evil designs of these terror groups to destabilize India owe their origin in the neighboring country’s lawless intelligence agency – the ISI. Pakistan continues to provide all kind of support to any group that professes to be anti-India. General Musharraf may fool the world for sometime but sooner, this anti-India infrastructure is bound to bounce on General’s face.

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