The Full Larry Sinclair Statement after his Polygraph Tests

Comment by Reverse

Sinclair’s Letter to Obama campaign of February 2 2008

Statement raises more questions–on both sides 

Polygraph Expert Not a Ph.D?

Larry Sinclair’s Full Statement

Sometimes, the more information you get, the more questions you have.

DBKP participated in a brief email exchange with Larry Sinclair Saturday, before he took his polygraph tests organized by

We had another brief exchange late Sunday night, after the polygraph tests were administered and publicized their results as “showing deception”.

Sinclair pointed us toward a personal webpage which contained a statement concerning the polygraph results and a couple of other interesting additions.

We’d addressed the statement in an earlier article. We’re publishing the full text of Larry Sinclair’s statement, as well as some information about the polygraph expert that administered the test, Sinclair’s letter of February 4, 2007 to the Obama campaign and a comment from Reverse

While the issue of the polygraph expert’s credentials may raise some eyebrows, we’re publishing the rest without comment–the reader can draw his own conclusions.

We will only say that at this late hour, we’ve left our checking for tomorrow.

As we’ve stated before: at this point, no one but Larry Sinclair and Barack Obama knows the truth of the matter.

Everything else is conjecture–by proponents of both sides.

DBKP is attempting at the moment to check on a few details of the story: to either corroborate or disprove the story presented by Larry Sinclair.

We’ve gotten no help in this regard from Sinclair. We think that, while he had to know he was in for abuse by coming forth with this story, he’s going to have to provide some hard evidence to shore is declining credibility.

We will only add that the Washington Post story–circulated in an email–that Sinclair refers to in his statement, is a fabrication (as we reported yesterday).

The following is the complete contents, minus one angry comment from an Obama supporter, of the site Larry Sinclair directed us to.

We’d also like to commend for their organizing the polygraph tests–there were two, as well as a drug test–in an attempt to provide some information in the Larry Sinclair saga.

Read Sinclair statement, additional information posted with statement:

Larry Sinclair’s Full Statement: Polygraph Expert Flunks Credibility Test? 


Larry Sinclair’s Full Statement: Polygraph Expert Flunks Credibility Test?

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