There are some stories that just never seem to die. And the Larry Sinclair/Obama story from last February is still causing waves. The story as you may recall had Larry Sinclair alleging that he had participated in a homosexual relationship with Obama, and had also used cocaine with him.

The story was at best a doubtful one, but gained a good deal of traction with the more right wing press groups.

Larry Sinclair even agreed to take two polygraph tests, which, so the story goes, he failed miserably.

Well it looks like round two is just about to kick off. Sinclair is going to be speaking at the National Press Club in Washington, DC tomorrow (June/18), this no doubt will re-energize this seemingly tall story. Possibly of more interest is the press conference scheduled following the Press Club appearance. was the organization that suggested Larry Sinclair take the polygraph test. After the initial polygraph expert examined the results and made his conclusions, was accused of taking a $750,000 bribe to suppress and or alter the results of the polygraph examinations. claim that at tomorrows press conference they will release the results of the polygraph examinations, the reports of the experts, and a video of Mr. Sinclair taken while the examinations were being administered.

One suspects that there might be an ace or two up someone’s sleeve. This should be a fun event to follow.

Simon Barrett

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