Larry Sinclair–the gay man who’s accused Senator Barack Obama of sharing gay sex and drugs with him in a Gurnee, IL hotel room in 1999–held a press conference at the National Press Club today.

He began the press conference by handing out press packets which contained little new information. He ended up his DC appearance in handcuffs, led away by the DC Police.

He’s currently being held by the DC Police, according to Larry Sinclair Arrested at NPC Press Conference; UPDATE.

[UPDATE at 6:53: Sinclair was arrested by DC Police after 2 US Marshals showed up and presented a warrant from the State of Delaware for Sinclair’s arrest. Montgomery Blair Sibley, who’s had his law license suspended by the District of Columbia and Florida, and who was previously Sinclair’s attorney, reviewed the warrant and then Sinclair was led away.]

Speculation is that the arrest stemmed from a Delaware warrant, although there is also an outstanding felony warrant out for Sinclair from the Pueblo County (CO) Sheriff’s Department.

According to the blog The Mitch and Nan Show, a commenter at Larry Sinclair’s blog is reporting that Larry Sinclair was “arrested” and “led away in handcuffs” from today’s press conference at the National Press Club.

UPDATE at 6:32 pm Wednesday June 18, 2008:
Sinclair was indeed arrested by DC police immediately after his press conference and is being held, at present, by the Washington DC Police Department. Sinclair’s being held at the 1st Division, 415 No. 4 Street SW. No charges have been announced. According the The Mitch and Nan Show blog:

After a phone call to the Washington DC Police, we have verified that Lawrence Wayne Sinclair has been arrested at the National Press Club just after his press conference ended.

Thanks to the fine folks who frequent The Mitch and Nan Show, Larry Sinclair has been arrested.

–Information provided by The Mitch and Nan Show: THE MITCH AND NAN SHOW ET. AL HAVE LARRY W. SINCLAIR ARRESTED!

Mitch and Nan’s tip came from “Robin” at Sinclair’s blog. At quick trip over to Larry Sinclair’s blog found his supporters bewildered as to why Sinclair was arrested. Some mentioned that perhaps they “should raise money for Larry’s bail” while others assumed “Obama” was behind the arrest in order to “silence” Larry from telling the “truth”.

ALSO at Sinclair stories: The DBKP Library of stories on Larry Sinclair, including his allegations of a sex-and-drugs party with Barack Obama in the back of a limo in Gurnee, IL in 1999, his later polygraph tests administered by and his continuing story of filing lawsuits against Obama and online posters.Part of the DBKP Political Scandals Library involving 2008 presidential candidates. Included are John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards.

DBKP and BNN will publish updates as more information becomes available.

UPDATE 9:40 pm Wednesday June 18, 2008:
Larry Sinclair National Press Club Conference Video
Video of the 10-minute question-and-answer period, as well as the observation that the information handed out by Sinclair today at the NPC contradicted earlier statements he’d made in at least one published interview 4 1/2 months ago.

by LBG and Mondoreb
Source: Larry Sinclair Arrested at NPC Press Conference; UPDATE
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