Obama’s supposed frolicking in the back of a limo friend Larry Sinclair is once more a free man. Now I am not sure how credible Larry Sinclair is, but one has to wonder what or who was behind his latest misadventure in Washington.

Larry gave a press conference at the National Press Club on June 18. Reports that I have read, including his prepared statement show that little new and shocking evidence was presented. He did mention the name of the limo driver, but so what?

It is what happened after the press conference ended that was much more curious. Thee plain clothes DC cops arrested him on a “Fugitive from Justice” warrant from Delaware.

Larry claims that he was held in a DC jail until June 23, when he was then transported to Delaware.

I asked why there would be a “Fugitive from Justice” warrant for my arrest.  I was informed that there was no such warrant issued by Delaware, but that in fact DC had made that charge against me in order for them to arrest me on the “Rule 9″ warrant that was pending from a Delaware “SEALED” Grand Jury warrant.  I was told that what DC should have done was advise me to report to Delaware.  This rule 9 warrant was explained to me as being nothing that anyone could call me a “Fugitive from Justice” on because I had never been served the notice, taken into custody or formally charged on as yet.

The judge in Delaware released Larry on his own recognizance, and Larry is now back home.

To say the least this is a strange story. It certainly appears at face value anyway to be a ‘flexing of some official muscle’. If Larry has no credibility why go to these lengths to ‘sicken’ him?

Larry also claims that while in jail he was denied access to the phone, and also his medication.

Simon Barrett


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