Larry Sinclair has Accused Barack Obama of sharing Drugs and Sex with him in 1999 

The Mainstream Media has imposed what some have called a “press blackout” 

Bill O’Reilley alluded to the story on “The O’Reilley Factor” last night 

Is the Obama-Sinclair Story Finally Ready for MSM Prime Time?

We’re not the only ones with a sharp eye. Yesterday a video was posted on Youtube by someone who believes they heard Bill O’Reilly and Tony Snow on The O’Reilly Factor allude to the still unsubstantiated scandal of illegal drugs and gay sex surrounding Senator Barack Obama.

O’Reilly and Snow were discussing the story put out by the New York Times which alluded to an affair between the top Republican candidate for President, Senator John McCain, and one cute blond lobbyist, Vicki Iseman.

Excerpts from the show’s transcripts:

SNOW: But it seems that Bill Keller, the executive editor, thought this was a sloppy piece of work and kept resisting it. There was a lot of pressure out of the Washington bureau. “Hey, we’ve got something saucy, boss.” And whether Bill Keller, for whatever reason, knuckled under and figured that this is the way to sort of get along, I don’t know.

But having been in journalism for nearly 30 years, I’ve got to tell you, no editor is going to look at something like that and say that it measures up, because it doesn’t. It doesn’t even measure up in terms of gossip.

Read rest of story:

Bill O’Reilly: Tap-dancing Around  the Alleged Obama Scandal


Bill O’Reilly: Tap-dancing Around  the Alleged Obama Scandal

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