Larry Sinclair, Obama’s Accuser in the YouTube Sex & Drug Video, Behaving Badly

Some digging Revealed He Hit up YouTubers for Cash a Few Days Ago

Putting the Squeeze on some “Sunshine Club” Members

Not a Pretty Picture 

Oh what a tangled web we weave…

DBKP has learned that the man who accused Senator Barack Obama of illicit gay sex and illegal drugs during two incidents back in 1999 Chicago hit on commentors for cash at his Youtube site.

DBKP found comments posted at Youtube beneath the video posted last month by Sinclair. The comments from Sinclair were posted three days ago, at night, and showed a far, far different side of “Larry.”

The video portrays an rather “earnest” Larry Sinclair who just wanted everyone to know how “Senator Obama” had lied about his previous drug use. Yet during one round of comments Sinclair showed another side, a frustrated and angry Sinclair who solicited money from the other visitors who were currently commenting on the video.

We copied some of Larry’s posts that he directed at other visitors and also the “deal” he laid out to “double your money” if anyone helped him “stay a few more nights in Los Angeles”.

Note: These comments occurred after Sinclair submitted to two polygraphs over at but before the results were released to the public, that Larry had been found to be “deceptive” in both tests.

What did Larry Sinclair say to the YouTubers?

Who is the “Sunshine Club”?

What were some of the comments on all this?

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Larry Sinclair: Obama Accuser Hits Up YouTubers for Cash 


Larry Sinclair: Obama Accuser Hits Up YouTubers for Cash

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