Larry Sinclair had Alleged Engaging in Sex and Drugs with Barack Obama

Sinclair took three Tests: A Drug Test and Two Polygraphs

He passed the Drug Test, but Showed “Deception” In both Polygraphs

The Possible Motives of Larry Sinclair 

This seems to be the case….

The man who recently made allegations that Senator Barack Obama met him back in 1999 for sex n drugs in the back of limo has failed not one, but two polygraphs.

The site,, had offered Sinclair the sum of $10,000 to take a polygraph plus another check for $100,000 if he passed. To prove they were not bi-partisan the site also offered the woman at the center of the McCain lobbyist mini-scandal, Vicki Iseman, the same offer. used the services of highly respected polygraph expert, Dr. Ed Gelb. Sinclair passed a drug test before taking the tests, both administered on Friday. On the first test, questions were administered about Sinclair’s claims that he and Obama had sex. The second test focused on Sinclair’s claims that he and Obama did drugs. Dr.Gelb found “deception was indicated” in both tests. Absent any other developments this is the end of the road for Larry Sinclair.

As DBKP reported in its story yesterday, the supermarket tabloid, The Globe, had found additional information on Sinclair’s background. According the Globe, the 46-year-old ex-con Sinclair had spent time in prison for credit card fraud, had admitted being a dope smuggler and a “coyote”, a person who smuggles people into the country, for a price.
What were the possible motives for Larry Sinclair?

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Larry Sinclair: Obama Accuser Fails Polygraphs 


Larry Sinclair: Obama Accuser Fails Polygraphs

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