“and along came a spider and sat down beside her…”


Like the spider who uses the wind to carry its first first thread, Obama accuser Larry Sinclair uses the cyberspace to weave his web of sordid accusations against Senator Obama while panhandling for “donations” in his quest to reveal “the truth.” Now we read on one of “Larry’s sites” that Larry is now demanding Senator Obama “turn over his cell phone records”.

Since the beginning of this tale, weaved by Sinclair, Sinclair has “demanded” Obama step forward and “tell the truth” about Obama’s “sex and drug use” while Sinclair has failed to provide one single shred of evidence linking he and the Senator together. Nor has Sinclair taken a polygraph and submitted the results.

Sinclair has also failed to provide any account for his own “activities” such as past employment, past altercations with the law, possible stays in prison, charges of credit card theft, drug and human smuggling, bringing illegals across the border, “for a price”.

It’s been three weeks since DBKP first reported the Larry Sinclair story, Obama: Man Claims Gay Sex, Drugs Back in ’99 With Barack, Larry’s Youtube video and how a seemingly earnest and gay “Leave It To Beaver” Larry sat in front of a camera and told a tale of nights of gay sex, cocaine, rented limos, and a motel room in Gurnee, Illinois, with then State Representative Barack Obama.

Since Larry Sinclair’s first video appeared on Youtube there’s been several developments.

On February 11th, Sinclair filed a federal lawsuit in the District of Minnesota Federal District Court against Senator Obama, his campaign manager, David Axelrod, and the DNC.

In his suit, Sinclair claims Senator Obama, Axelrod and the DNC “have and continue to conspire against the rights of citizens in that they are actively engaged in ongoing internet intimidation, claiming to be engaging in the conduction of illegal investigations into plaintiff’s personal life, an actively involved in preventing allegations brought of illegal drug use and sexual activity involving Senator Obama…”

Here’s a link to the lawsuit. We believe it was Mr. Sinclair who was the original author of this lawsuit. Since the lawsuit was filed we found an instance where Sinclair claims he has both a “Masters” and a “Law” Degree in DBKP’s Larry Sinclair: Obama Accuser Hits Youtubers Up For Cash.

Let me tell you something, I have never stated this, but you idiots refer to me as some moroon, I have a aster and a lwa degree. I simply cannot take the bar because of my stupid past in my 20’s. You people do not want to go up against m on education because most of you will lose badly.

Larry now has a “legal fund” set up via Paypal. We’d supply a link but Larry the Lawyer might threaten legal action as he has with other bloggers.


I have forwarded a letter to Youtube this date filing a copyright violation complaint against you for the unauthorized use of parts of my copyrighted video.

Also, be advised I now have your IP address and will be contacting you via process server shortly.

You are to immediately remove the video using my image and any other portion of my youtube video.

And I hope you refuse.

He’s forbidden anyone to cut, copy, or paste from any of his sites, calling it “copyright” infringement, all the while begging for monies to continue his crusade of “truth” against Obama. But as a “lawyer” Larry surely knows it’s not illegal to quote him.

On Feb. 23rd, DBKP recounted how the site, Whitehouse.com offered Sinclair the sum of $10,000 to take a polygraph with another $100,000 if he passed in Larry Sinclair: Obama Accuser Submits to Polygraph.

Sinclair agreed to take two tests by an expert picked by Whitehouse, Dr. Ed Gelb. After the expert declared “deception” in both tests Sinclair cried foul, claiming Gelb had lied about his credentials.

Show Me The Money…

The agreement between Whitehouse.com and Sinclair fell apart. During this period Sinclair made public a copy of a stay at a Choice Hotel in Gurnee, Illinois back in November of 1999 as well as proclaiming he also had a “copy” of a bar tab, that this was “proof” he and Senator Obama had engaged in a sordid quickie fling.

“I maintain body weight by drinking 36 Pepsi’s a day” – Larry Sinclair – Larry Sinclair0926 WordPress

Sinclair went after Whitehouse with charges that Whitehouse was an Obama operative and that the owner, Dan Parisi would be “criminally” charged by the authorities for putting a “stop payment” on a $20,000 check. DBKP – Obama Accuser Goes After Whitehouse.com

March 11

Larry wrote on his sites that the two $5,000 checks which Whitehouse.com wrote to two charities in Duluth, Minnesota, which Larry designated, have returned the monies to Whitehouse. Larry writes that he chose a reporter to give the checks to the charities with “no publicity” involved.

A reporter… no publicity? Larry blames the checks being returned on “Barack supporters”. In fact Larry blames 99,199% of just about everything on Barack supporters.

By March 5th Sinclair’s credibility had hit an all time low at -10, DBKP’s Larry Sinclair: Obama Accuser Blows Credibility and how he had led many “down the garden path to Hell”:

Larry Sinclair, I’m afraid, led us ALL down the garden path to Hell.

It’s not JUST the Globe article that trashed his credibility, (Not the Boston Globe…The Globe Magazine…no, not the Boston Globe Magazine – THE GLOBE MAGAZINE…the one at the checkout counter…yes, that one), but that goes a long, long way. I mean, think about it. If a tabloid that believes Bigfoot exists won’t believe Larry Sinclair then you’re talking a fairly insurmountable image problem. I can’t accurately categorize the socio-economic bracket to which most of Sinclair’s followers belong but I can’t help but posit that many of them buy the The Globe and, perhaps, even have subscriptions. Source –Hybee Inc.

Sinclair has used the Whitehouse.com brouhaha as a reason to raise cash. According to Larry, any “donations” will be going to legal funds, pens, papers, filing fees, ect., Larry writes that “it is our goal to raise $5,000 by the end of the month”.

Sinclair has also added a photoshoppe on one of his sites of a much, much younger Larry and Senator Obama smoking a cigarette with the caption from Obama: “I hope Larry doesn’t kiss and tell”.

Larry writes that his mission is about accountability, that “accountability can be indeed applied be to all”.

If Larry is truly interested in accountability then Larry needs to do some accounting of his own. He could start with the period of November of 1999.

Sinclair has sent a letter to Senator Obama demanding he turn over all his cell phone records for November of 1999. We figured if Larry Sinclair can make demands so can we.

DBKP List of Demands For Larry Sinclair

What was Larry doing for a living back in November of 1999. How did Larry pay for his “rented limo” and nights of passion in the Choice Hotel in Gurnee, Illinois? What has Larry done “for a living” since 1999? Was any of it, indeed, illegal?

The Web

Since Larry Sinclair first posted his video on Youtube back at the end of January, Sinclair has not provided any solid proof that Senator Obama was within a hundred miles of Larry Sinclair’s “upscale” lounge, “rented limo”, or Choice motel in Gurnee, Illinois.

Sinclair took two polygraphs, but neither of which the results, over than rumored deceptions, have been released. What Sinclair has done is mounted an effort to raise “donations” for his “legal fees” to go after “persons with deep pockets.” Sinclair hasn’t gone out and gotten his own polygraph expert and taken another test. Sinclair may be banking that we’ve forgotten his original assertion, that he, Sinclair, was going to submit to a polygraph.

Perhaps Sinclair could use some of those “donations” to pay for a polygraph. After all, “truth” and “accountability” are two of Sinclair’s basic tenets.

Hat tip: Paul

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