Is Larry Sinclair a fruitcake? Certainly there are some glaring holes in his story, a story that stretches the imagination to the max. Can you see Barack Obama snorting cocaine and frolicking with Larry Sinclair in the back of a limo while being driven around town? Well I for one have some misgivings about the story.

Larry doesn’t give up easily though, and this afternoon held a press conference at the prestigious National Press Club. The Obama Obloggers were up in arms that Sinclair should do such a thing, and the Press Club would condone such an event. They sent a petition with something like 12,000 signatures on it to the National Press Club asking that they cancel the event. The National Press Club explained that they had not invited Mr. Sinclair, but were merely renting him a room in which to hold it (good call by the National Press Club). What I find interesting is that this press conference has been studiously avoided by the MSM (Main Stream Media), even though Mr. Sinclair is not oozing in credibility he does make for an interesting side show.

A quick search on Google News for Larry Sinclair shows little interest in the story. The slightly opinionated Huffington Post had the following comment:

It is not often that a political reporter can claim to have witnessed the single most stupefying event on any single day, what with the diversity of inanity on display from coast to coast in an election year.

I have read Larry Sinclair’s prepared remarks, and while there is not much new, other than the name of the supposed limo driver, one Paramjit Multani,they do make for entertaining reading.

The story gets better! In late breaking news apparently Larry Sinclair was arrested shortly after his press conference. There are no details as to the charges, and with his rather long rap sheet, it could be for almost anything.

Scheduled right after the Larry Sinclair conference was one by, these were the folks that persuaded Larry Sinclair to take the two polygraph tests, tests that Sinclair claims he passed, and that were paid off to change the results.

Updates coming as soon as we get the transcripts.

Simon Barrett

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