The Latest in the Larry Sinclair Saga

Just when we thought this story had come to its final conclusion, there’s a new development in the Larry Sinclair-Barack Obama saga, charges that the polygraph expert’s credentials may be “less than sterling”, accusations made of promises broken.

Larry Sinclair has taken issue with the credibility and credentials of the polygraph expert hired by Sinclair has also taken issue with certain aspects surrounding Whitehouse’s lack of communication on certain aspects of the agreement between Sinclair and the owner of the blog, Dan Parisi.

Larry Sinclair’s full statement and additions: Polygraph Expert Flunks Credibility Test?

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If Mr. Parisi fails to comply with our agreement by Monday 2-25-08 I will post all email communications with him concerning this matter and which clearly state the conditions for this arrangement. These emails will clearly show Mr. Parisi did not follow our agreement and I will consider at that time what course of action should be taken. It is only natural that I would become suspicious of Mr. Parisi after finding out he has misrepresented this expert, he has claimed I was examined by two (2) experts of which I agreed and yet I only met one and still have not been given the contact information to this date on the second. Source – Larry Sinclair is reporting that the results of two polygraph tests administered to Larry Sinclair, the man who is accusing Senator Barack Obama of illicit sex and drug use back in 1999, showed “deceptions.” Whitehouse has posted that they have received a handwritten report from the polygraph expert, Dr. Ed Gelb, but are waiting on a “typed” report to post to the blog.

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Larry Sinclair: Controversy Surrounding Polygraph Expert 


Larry Sinclair: Controversy Surrounding Polygraph Expert

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