Why is it people always claim that they don’t like gossip, and yet when something tantalizing pops up these very people propagate it?  Newscasters, columnists, editorialists, and so on are the worst. 

This morning I was watching Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer.  At the end of the broadcast, he gave his final thoughts.  And of course he mentioned the Larry Craig scandal.  He said, “People think reporters love this stuff.  Trust me, not many of us do.”  This statement made me wonder.  From my vantage point, I believe the opposite.  This story has not been going on very long (four days after the story broke, he was talking about resigning), however, it is spinning out of control.

At first the talk was about the actual scandal.  I mean getting caught in a public restroom looking for a quickie is probably not the best way to stay out of the news.  But then the scandal manifested into a charge of hypocrisy.  Craig, an Idaho Republican senator, voted in support of the Defense of Marriage Act.  Surprise surprise…a Republican from Idaho voted for it.  Now gay advocates are crying foul.  How dare he support that act and then engage in homosexual acts.   

So all of us can keep up, let’s review.  First the scandal, then the hypocrisy charge….is it over?  No of course not!  Now we have the debate if his behavior actually constitutes hypocrisy.  Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe debates if his supporting the Defense of Marriage Act and then soliciting for sex in a men’s bathroom qualifies Craig as a hypocrite.  His conclusion…no he isn’t a hypocrite.  Jacoby claims that hypocrisy is deceit.  Not weakness or a vice but deceit. 

I have to ask if his wife finds his behavior deceitful…but that is not the point I am trying to make.  I think reporters love when this stuff hits the newswires.  I hope Bob Schieffer meant what he said, but he did address the whole affair.  If he really does think that type of news is despicable why not ignore it altogether?  Why throw your two-cents in and perpetuate the whole affair.  Should I ask myself the same question?



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