It has been reported that asbestos from a landslide has been flowing into a river resulting in contamination of the water. The asbestos is from a Sumas Mountain Landslide, and is said to be flowing into the Sumas River, resulting in contamination of the water.

According to reports the asbestos, which is naturally occurring, has been carried downstream by riverbanks. This has resulted in a greater concentration of asbestos, which has been confirmed from samples that have been taken and tested from the river.

Dan Opalski, Director of the EPA’s Seattle based Superfund Cleanup Office, is said to have commented on the asbestos contamination and the subsequent sampling and testing that has taken place. He said: “These asbestos levels deserve close attention.”

The Whatcom County Health Department and Washington Department of Health have also contacted residents that live in the area, providing advice and warnings over avoiding contaminated water as well as from other sources.

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