Canada was one of the first countries to sign on to the worldwide ban on Landmines, these insidious devices are designed to kill and main when stepped on. It is therefore really surprising and disturbing that two of these devices have been discovered in a creek in Ontario.

Two young girls discovered a landmine in a shallow creek near Strathroy (London, Ontario). And another one was found about a meter away. While this news would not be unusual if we were talking about Iraq, or Afghanistan, it most certainly is shocking in Canada.

The military safely detonated them, and based on eye witness reports, these beasts packed a punch. The explosion could be heard almost a mile away. This leads one to believe that these were not some WWII leftover ordinance that someone was keeping in their basement for ‘old times sake’.

Strathroy-Caradoc police say that these landmines appeared to be the type used to disable tanks rather than personnel, making them all the more lethal. This creek is a popular destination for families and as such it is impossible to think that they have just been sitting there for 40 years. Someone put them there, and clearly the intentions were bad.  “The senseless loss of life or grievous bodily harm that could have taken place at this creek — it’s reprehensible,” Strathroy-Caradoc police Sgt. Mike Overdulve said.

One wonders what sick mind is behind this? Of course the word terrorism leaps to your mind, but somehow I find that unlikely. Terrorists tend to go for bigger targets that trying to blow up a couple of young girls. This is the work of someone with a very sick and twisted mind.

The police are very interested in finding out who is responsible for this, and we at BNN want to help as much as we can. Anyone who has recently been to the creek beneath Inadale Road between Strathroy and Mt. Brydges, or has seen anyone acting suspiciously near the creek, is asked to call Strathroy-Caradoc police at 519-245-1250.

Simon Barrett 

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