Fashion-designer-photographer-guru-icon-ponytail-promoting-German-Frenchy-moody-bitchy Lord of the Catwalk Karl Lagerfeld shocked interviewers at the premiere of a film about his life by admitting that he hated watching himself practically as much as they did.

The touchy Chanel designer diva came to Berlin to promote his documentary “Lagerfeld Confidentiel” at this year’s Berlinale after having worked on the film for over two years, blindfolded and heavily sedated. French director Rodolphe Marconi also claims to have had a bit to do with the movie as Lagerfeld steadfastly refused to enter the editing room.

Over 300 hours of unbearable Lagerfeld imagery was condensed into an even more appalling and intense 88 minute film cavalcade of Lagerfeld’s excruciatingly stylish life, a close friend of the director claims.

When asked how he felt his chances would be for winning the coveted Best Insupportable Actor award at this year’s Berlin Film Festival, Lagerfeld quipped “Much too good,” fanning himself wildly. “It certainly wouldn’t change my mind about the film, though. There is simply no way in hell I would ever sit through a movie like that.”

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