I am the first to admit that Country, with or without the Western, was not really my expertise. I viewed it as a genre of music that was fixated on Tumbleweeds, Pickup Trucks, and Cheating Spouses (or maybe the plural of Spouses should be Spice). The one thing that I have discovered is that the world of Country music has changed. Todays Country music scene is a very far reach from forty years ago.

One of the more recent bands to hit the scene is Lady Antebellum. OK, to the youngsters they are old, they were formed a whopping five years ago! To a dinosaur like me me, five years is nothing!

In the music world they have traveled a very long way. In five short years they have racked up a bunch of Grammy Awards, and have been recognized by many other organizations.

They are about to hit the road, and this morning they released a short interview.

You can watch it here.

I have a feeling that this is a group that will continue to keep growing, both in fan base, and also the depth and quality of their product.

For more information, please check out the web site for Lady Antebellum.

Simon Barrett

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