An asbestos study that officials are trying to get underway in North Dakota could end up being delayed simply because they cannot find enough volunteers that are willing to have their lungs tested in the area. The study is being put together by the US Environmental Protection Agency and state officials in North Dakota.

Officials have to find North Dakota residents that are willing to participate and have their lungs tested as part of the study, but at present they are struggling to find people that are willing to volunteer for the study, which is causing delays.

They are looking for a total of fifty people who have experienced long term exposure to erionite, which is a mineral that is similar to asbestos. Previous studies, including animal studies, have shown that the mineral and others like it can cause cancer.

Whilst officials have been studying this particular mineral for three years in North Dakota they need to conduct further studies before they can come to any firm conclusions or make any recommendations. Whilst a few volunteers have come forward many others are still required to come forward.

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