It was good to see Mr Varun Gandhi’s commitment to the Anti Corruption movement despite the hesitations of the BJP top brass. First Varun is reported to have submitted the Jan Lokpal Version of the Bill to the speaker as a private member’s bill. So far no further information is available on the status of the Bill.

However Mr Varun Gandhi has shown further commitment to the cause by visiting Ramlila grounds and sitting along with the supporters.

Let’s hope that other MPs cutting across parties would also take the lead.

As can be expected there are some TV channels who have started talking about “Taking political milege” and indirectly asking Mr Varun Gandhi to remain silent.

However the agitation has now reached such a stage where every person needs to stand up and be quoted whether he /she supports Anti Corruption crusade the first step of which is the Jan Lokpal Bill.

It is immaterial if individuals may benefit politically because of their principled stand.

People like Abdul Kalam are conspicuous by their silence. In this hour of change “Silence is Not Golden”

I call upon every individual whether he is an MP or a Corporate leader or a Common man to come out openly in support of the Jan Lokpal bill.

We all know that passing of the bill is not the end of corruption. But it is a necessary step and hence at this point of time all energies are to be focussed on this aspect.  This Government fought the last election stating that within 100 days the black money in  Swiss Banks would be brought to India. It is now more than 2 years and there is no positive action on this front. BJP also had this agenda in the manifesto but is now not wholeheartedly supporting the Anna movement.

Half measures such as I support the Bill but we need some changes .. will only delay the passing of the bill and such delays are not good.

BJP is having a party meeting shortly and it is the time for a decision. If they continue to procrastinate, I expect Rahul Gandhi to me up blazing in open support of the Jan Lokpal Bill and deprive BJP of any milege they may be hoping to get. He may let the Bill not get passed now but express his support, arrange dissolution of the Parliament and go to the election as a supporter of the Bill. Then BJP will be shut off the power equation for the next 5 years. Rahul Gandhi supporting Anna’s anti corruption bill is a deadly combination for election victory and the only hope left for Congress.

Will BJP realize their folly?


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