According to a recent report the Health Authority in Korea has released a list of medical products that have asbestos containing talc in them. This comes just shortly after the media in Korea highlighted the dangers of talcs, drugs, and cosmetics that were found to have asbestos in them.
The list was made up of over eleven hundred medical products from a total of one hundred and twenty companies. The government has now recalled and banned all products with asbestos for which there is no alternative or substitute with the exception of eleven.
The government has now said that it is bringing in strict regulation with regards to the importation of asbestos containing talc and the use of asbestos by the end of June. A number of leading manufacturers were included in the list of companies that made asbestos containing medical products.
Yun Yeu-pyo, head of the administration under the Health Ministry, said: “Consultations with a range of experts have revealed that a minimal amount of asbestos in drugs for internal use carry only a small risk to health. But we have decided to ban their sales based on judgment that even the slightest amount should not be overlooked.”

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