If one lived in the Philadelphia metropolitan area and listened to any radio station the compelling and reassuring voice of the late Sy Syms would tell listeners that his best customers were educated consumers. Mr. Syms was the founder of the SYMS off price clothing chain that was devoted to quality clothing for business professionals at a reduced price. Founded in 1959, the SYMS clothing empire constantly reminded consumers that the more they learned about the small details of lines of clothing the more they would appreciate the pricing model developed by the SYMS clothing stores.
Well, Sy Syms most likely would say the same thing about the American voter if he were around to experience the primary elections for the White House. An educated voter is the best voter would likely be an appropriate manner with which to paraphrase the corporate tagline of SYMS clothing. It cannot be repeated enough; an educated voter is the best voter! It has panache, it is catchy and above all it contradicts the proclamations by Donald Trump. Donald Trump maintains this, “I love the uneducated voter!” The reason that Donald Trump loves the uneducated voter is simple, he hopes to gain their votes while running on a platform that entices the greater percentages of undereducated or uneducated Americans with a message that appeals to frustrated voters that are often underpaid, financially challenged and sorely unaware of the real agenda that Donald Trump is promoting.
The political war being waged by Donald Trump is not a war of inclusion for all Americans. Mr. Trump’s sense of political finesse is better characterized with the image of an entitled bully, that intimidates his opponents not with logic and reason, but with pervasive issues that generate fear and misunderstanding about the real issues that afflict the United States. Donald Trump’s methodology of heralding the building of a great wall to keep Mexican refugees out of the United States dwells on the perceived sense of terror that relies on the stereotypical portrayal of suppressed Mexicans. They will use our resources, increase the strain on our social services infrastructure, they will take up space in our schools and generally enculturate their culture into mainstream America, thus destroying the dream for the rest of us. An argument of fear determined to lure the average every day American into believing that the influx of legal and illegal immigrants will compromise their jobs, their lives and their claim to the American dream. Such acclamations that distort the problems the United States has with patrolling our borders is a siren intended to alarm voters into believing that his brand of retro- Teddy Roosevelt, Big Stick diplomacy is our only urgency. America has problems of crime, illegal immigration, lack of jobs, poor educational systems, draconian living conditions and borderline starvation all over the United States, not just in the Southwestern states. We need to educate the collective American populace to understand that the proclamations of Donald Trump about immigration are not based in fact, but rather in vote mongering sensationalism.
Audacious is the adjective that is best applied to the message that Donald Trump broadcasts in his rhetoric of ethnic hatred. His policies, are not unitive to the Republican Party, but just the opposite. They are divisive, with the intention to confuse and obfuscate the real issues that should be part of the campaign debate. The more confusion and division that Donald Trump generates on the campaign trail, the more likely he will appeal to more voters who believe he is the definitive voice in the political wilderness that will cure all of America’s maladies. At this point the paraphrase of Sy Syms, “An educated voter, is the best voter,” most assuredly applies!
The responsibility to educate the American voter on the real issues that afflict our nation are indeed part of the Trump stumping routine. Yes, we need to generate jobs, we need to level the playing fields of international trade and reinvent America’s capability to once again provide manufacturing jobs at home and not offshore. We need to restore the infrastructure of highways, that have grown decrepit since the days of Dwight Eisenhower, we need to eliminate poverty and hunger as was the desire of the New Deal and we need to incorporate equality into all sectors of our American society, which was the dream of LBJ’s Great Society, but the political ideology of Trumpism does not accomplish any of these things without a genuine care and concern for the undereducated, underemployed average Americans that struggle to live from paycheck to paycheck.
Americans are looking for a political savior to lift America out of the depths of generations of mismanagement by the political establishment that has for decades outsourced American jobs, misappropriated funding, inappropriately neglected our highway infrastructure and reduced our American educational system to that of the level of functional illiteracy. Donald Trump boasts gleefully that the uneducated voter is his long lost love and why not? If indeed Donald Trump’s Siren Song of making America Great again by courting the uneducated voter is the penultimate manifestation of Donald Trump’s strategy of winning the White House, we have a very tumultuous political ride to endure in a Donald Trump administration.
The aspirations and dreams of the American people are personified in the office of President of the United States. America cannot elect a President that idolizes the sad effects of failure in the American educational system that continues to matriculate into our society an uneducated collective American populace. Perhaps the first expectation of a presidential campaign should be lifting the uneducated out of their intellectual poverty and raising them up to a standard that is both competitive and superlative to other countries of the civilized world that value the results of an educated society.

If Sy Syms were still with us, he would indeed be appalled by the message Donald Trump is trying to pawn off to the American people. He indeed would say again and again, “An educated voter is indeed the best voter!”
As we continue to experience the accolades Donald Trump showers on the uneducated and uninformed American voter, let us all hope that the collective conscience of the American people will reveal Donald Trump’s real message of divisive flattery at the ballot box.

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