In what has to be one of the strangest pieces of legislation that President Bush has signed into law, welcome to the SAFE Ports Act. I am sure that no-one would argue that it is important that the points of entry for goods are safe. With this law all containers arriving in the US will have to be checked for a variety of contraband (No doubt those from North Korea will get the Geiger Counter treatment). 

Indeed that is what the legislation is all about. Alas that is not quite so.

Someone managed to sneak in a few paragraphs about playing Poker online into the act. So with the passing of this legislation it is now illegal to play Poker online.

This does not bother me unduly because I have no clue how to play the game to begin with, but I do think that the millions of people that were subscribers to online gambling sites are probably rethinking their strategy for the November elections.

How can a piece of legislation about Port security possibly contain legislation about online gambling? I can only assume that the government is trying to prevent ships importing container loads of gambling web addresses!

Simon Barrett

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