Kissology Vol 2 1978-1991

Over three hours of Kiss both masked and unmasked live is more than any Kiss could hope for. You also get a bonus DVD of a rather ropey live set in Japan; which is most amusing if not essential. As you would expect from Kiss there are also extras including TV interviews, especially interesting is the “unmasking” one from 1983. There is also the complete version of uber-cheesedom in the form of Kiss in Attack of the Phantoms.

If you are a fan of Kiss then this could be considered most essential. If you ever liked Kiss and missed much of their 80s output, then this might be a good place to start. If you liked Kiss back then but drifted off the band in the 90s; this might be a good collection to remind you why you liked them in the first place.

While every album was not as essential as the 70s output; each of their 80s album, including The Elder, had at least two rather cracking tracks. I have a soft spot for “I love it Loud”, “Creatures of the Night” and, of course, “Lick it Up.” Its nice to see the much missed Eric Carr is all his glory as well.

A quality collection of live and no-so-live Kiss material on an impressive CD set. One only wonder what they have in store for Volume 3.

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