By Honey Gillard 

‘SPIDER-MAN 3’ shining star Kirsten Dunst has vowed to NEVER date an actor again. 

Dunst, 24, is currently in an intimate relationship with British rocker Johnny Borrell (the front man of band Razorlight) and has previously been romantically linked to ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ actor Jake Gyllenhaal. 

She tells Jane magazine, “I don’t ever want to date another actor again. This quote is probably going to come back in my face, but I know someone who has a great saying: ‘There are no actors, there are only actresses.'” 

“Sometimes creative people can be very dark and destructive. I’m only saying bad things. I do know a few actors who are good and sweet and adorable.” 

Dunst has also recently countered claims that she and her rocker boyfriend Borrell will marry in the near future, as she feels that she is “too young” to settle down. 

The actress, who turns 25 next week, has reflected that she believes she still has “a lot to learn” about relationships. 

She says, “I don’t have anyone special in my life right now and, honestly, I’m not ready to get married.” 

“I think I have a lot to learn before I make such a huge life choice.” 

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Source: Star Pulse

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