By Honey Gillard

‘Spider-Man’s Kirsten Dunst admittedly loves her music but vows that she will NEVER release a CD.

Despite the young actress singing in Spider-Man 3, as well as Marie Antoinette, The Cat’s Meow and Bring it on she swears that “never, ever, ever, no, no, no” will she follow the lead of such Hollywood actors as Russell Crowe, Toni Collette, Jared Leto – who all in my opinion are pretty spectacular – and countless other musical aspirees by creating a band and releasing a CD.

Dunst, who can actually sing well, says, “Definitely not. No way. It worked when Barbra Streisand was doing it, but now it’s a little cheesy, I think. It works better when singers are in movies.”

Despite her pledge and history as one of the few child actors to successfully translate her talents to adulthood, music looms large in Dunst’s life. She is now negotiating to play Deborah Harry in a coming biopic having been asked by the Blondie singer is a regular fixture at gigs in the US and was recently seen at the prestigious South By Southwest Music Festival.

“I am a big music person, yes,” she confirmed. “I think Arcade Fire is the best band of their generation.

“Other than that I am a big Kate Bush fan and Joni Mitchell fan and Bruce Springsteen fan. Regina Spektor, I think she is great.”

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