He is only 37 years old born in 1971 and he is already making news taking on the Manmohan Singh Government’s pusillanimity in taking on China on Arunachal Pradesh.

Arun Shourie in yesterday’s Indian Express had a very concerning piece titled “Shilpa Shetty trumps Arunachal” on how the dimwits in the media have been obscuring the public debate on Chinese transgressions in Arunachal Pradesh.

Mr. Rijuju was also in the news for driving home the China question with a bold visit to Taiwan.

Back in his home state, Rijiju said over phone that people in Tawang “are confused” over the signals that Delhi was sending by not talking about the security of Arunachal.

Rijiju said he chose to visit Taiwan as an MP to make a point. “As an Arunachalese, I could not have got a visa to China but I can go to Taiwan,” he added

From speaking up for the Armed Forces to  lobbying hard for the interests of the strategically important North Eastern Frontier Mr. Rijuju has had a far more stellar Lok Sabha tenure than Rahul Gandhi.

To understand how lacking in substance Rahul Gandhi’s performance in the Lok Sabha has been to date in stark contrast to Khiren Rijuju consider this

Special Mentions in current session Rijuju had 9, Rahul Gandhi only 1

Questions Rijuju 184, Rahul Gandhi 3

Private Member’s Bills Rijuju 6, Rahul Gandhi had None

Participation in debates Rijuju in 72 debates while Rahul Gandhi only in 2

Offstumped: It is a shame that the dim-wits in the mainstream media have spent more time sucking up to Rahul Gandhi than on highlighting the alarming issues of National Security that young parliamentarian Khiren Rijuju has been vailantly bringing to light. It is time we paid attention to the concerning events to the North East of our Frontiers. Offstumped hails Mr. Rijuju’s initiative and pledges full support.

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