This is very interesting. Females, including humans, are able occasionally to become pregnant when an egg begins dividing all on its own, without fertilization. This is the true virgin birth (parthenogenesis) and the baby is always female (Jesus Christ was the only otherwise case).

Today, the Chester (UK) Zoo announced the unusual birth of five Komodo Dragon tykes to a mum that had never been near a male of the species. Ever.

Lovely Komodo Flora is both mum and dad to the litter of dragons born after eight months of pregnancy, a real star accomplishment since Komodos are an endangered species. The yellow-and-black reptile children started right in eating crickets and locusts.

Amazingly, earlier this year, virgin births in Komodos occurred at the London Zoo as well, according to Manchester news authorities. This is a definite trend for 2006 – 2007 and could solve the “endangered” problem of the dragons pretty quickly.

Officials at the Chester Zoo performed DNA tests on the babies and Flora and proved that no male DNA was involved in this equation. All five babies are girls. There is likely to be research conducted into the causes of the unusual asexual births among the Komodo Dragons. Some scientists may consider global warming and reduced male population among Komodos as antecedents to the trend.

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