By Honey Gillard

Hot on the trail of her new self-titled album release, Kat McPhee has made her first late night talk show “couch interview” on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
If you missed the show don’t fret Wonder-Honey (being my ‘secret’ superhero identity. Shh!) is here to save the day.

Here’s what went down:
Kimmel: Do you feel competitive with Taylor Hicks?

McPhee: Look how he just comes out and says it. No, I really don’t feel competitive with him. I feel like we all have different pockets we can go into – like he’s gone into a different genre, so has Chris, so have I, Kelly Pickler. We’ve all gone into different genres, so there’s really no sense in competing with each other.

But it’d be so sweet, after coming in just slightly second.

Yes! Exactly. But you know it’s hard when you’re friends.

Well you’ve gotta find a reason to hate him. That’s all you gotta do. Its like sports you know. It’s like magic and Larry Bird – They were rivals and now they’re pals. You wait till before you’re retired to become friendly. In the meantime though, you work out a way to crush and bury him.
You grew up here in LA?

I did.

And so a lot of people, like I know people from your high school were very excited. You don’t see that much here in LA, it’s kind of like a jaded place. No one comes here anymore

No one is actually born here, supposedly.

People here don’t root, you know, like in smaller towns they get like very, very excited about it.

Yeah, but you know what? I got so lucky because even at the end of idol Simon Fuller, who created the show, and Simon Cowell said to me, “We were surprised that you made it as far as you did? Not because we didn’t think you were talented, but because it’s really rare.” They’ve never had anyone from L.A, let alone California, go as far as I did. So I had somebody in small towns voting for.

On recording her album McPhee said:

We did rush in. I decided not to record on the road – cause we went on tour for about 2 months. So what we did was, as soon as the tour was over we just went straight into the studio and recorded probably up until a couple of weeks before Christmas. We actually ended up pushing it to the New Year. That’s why it just came out. I wrote a couple of songs on the record and there was no time to be shy.”
Who are the celebrities that you’ve met that you’ve been most excited about meeting?

I was most excited to see Tom and Katie. I went to the Prince party for the Golden Globes and I met Tom and Katie. That was such a big thing, as there were so many rumours floating around that I was meant to be singing at their wedding – and I did not sing at their wedding. Trust me, I would have bee telling everybody if I did.

Catch the full interview here.
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