jessica-s.jpgNow that the 11 year old kidnapped victim from Fort Worth Texas is back at home living with her grandparents, more details in the case are coming out. The police had listed, the girl, Jessica Smith as being in danger when her mother, Kimberly Smith took her and left and no one knew where they were.

Mother and daughter were found inside a car in rural New Mexico Sunday. The two of them appeared to be very exhausted and also hungry and thirsty but at least they were both alive. They were taken to a local hospital for observation but were later released.

When the Amber Alert was issued it wasn’t clear as to why the authorities thought Jessica was in danger with her mother but now a little more about the case is made known.

Apparently Kimberly has been going through a bitter divorce from Jessica’s father, Phillip Smith. In fact the courts had ordered the family to undergo psychological evaluations. It seems from the reports that Kimberly was making Jessica say that her father had been molesting her to make him look bad. The night before the two disappeared Kimberly was upset to learn that her daughter told a school counselor that the story about her father molesting her was not true.

In an arrest affidavit a witness said that Jessica was arguing with her mother in the bedroom when they heard a loud banging noise prompting them to run upstairs only to find Jessica and Kimberly locked in a closet. When Kimberly refused to open the door the witness kicked the door in. Jessica ran out the closet but Kimberly caught her and held her down on the bed. Kimberly told the witness that she was “just loving on Jessica” but Jessica said that her mother was trying to kill her. The witness had to pry Kimberly’s hands and arms away from the girl freeing her.

kimberly-s.jpg“Jessica stated that Kimberly had forced her into the closet and attempted to suffocate her by placing a rag into her mouth and down her throat,” said the affidavit. The affidavit also stated that during the argument Kimberly showed a knife to Jessica telling her that she was going to kill her and then she was going to kill herself.

The witness claims that Kimberly had shown signs of being suicidal and had even done research online for different methods of suicide.

Kimberly is in custody in New Mexico where she has waived extradition from New Mexico to Texas. Officials were to begin the process of returning her to Tarrant County where she is being charged with aggravated kidnapping which is a first degree felony punishable by up to life in prison. Her bail was set at $75,000.

Thank God Jessica was found alive and well. I hate to think of what could have happened to her if they had not been caught when they were though. I am glad she is living with family where she can be safe.

Jan Barrett

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