Early this morning the entire file of the Bar complaint filed against Kim Picazio by Crystal Sheffield and her mother Marie Griffis was released. We are still pouring over the documents, but to say the least they make for some interesting reading.

Much of what was speculated about on the radio program yesterday is contained in the data dump. You can listen to the entire program here.

The file clearly indicates that the ‘blogger’ in question is one Kendall Clark who goes by the name of Pirate Girl. Ms. Picazio goes to great lengths to explain how this blogger inserted herself into the case by befriending the Sheffield family and then subsequently was the source of disinformation on the Internet. This revelation is not new, it had been assumed for some time that Pirate Girl was the target of Picazio’s wrath but now it is indeed in the public domain.

Most of the media that is still covering the case gets a few mentions. She explains that although she has never posted on BNN her office did set up an account on our private forum.

To be clear,I have never blogged on Blogger News Network (BNN). Or office account is set up and registered under “Lanie”, for which I can provide a status report reflecting no posts have ever been made through that account. Never.

And I guess you will not be, we have removed the account!

TJ Hart and Art Harris also get mentions.

Actually the Art Harris references gave me real pause for thought. In the letter and attachments dated October 28/2009 she makes the following statement:

During the case I utilized a media consultant, two-time Emmy winning journalist, Art Harris (formaly of CNN). Harris assisted Cystal and my team, lending us his expertise and advice on the strategic placement and release of information to turn around the negative press that Crystal was receiving. Crystal and I spent a great deal of time with Art Harris.

Oh dear, what ever happened to the neutrality in reporting?

In a July 1 email to Marie and Crystal which is a To Do list, she includes these two interesting points:

Be sure to look at Art Harris’ latest story -I had him clear up the “crack” issue, and he posted  pictures of Crystal and the kids to combat the “doctored” photo issue. The comments after his story seem very positive.

Everyone should be instructed not to answer any questions about the crack pipe issue, or who the truck is owned by. No comment is the word on this. Marie: you need to be very careful of what  Diane knows about this issue. If she reports that the truck was Chad’s, and that they were his old  pipes, that would be extremely bad. DCF would most likely get involved, and Chad could get arrested. Every “Ron” fan on the internet would call the authorities and demand action against  Chad and Crystal.

More independent journalism?

Actually it gets better, in a email dated May/17 from Kim Picazio to her then friend Pirate girl she explains:

From: “kim@XXXXX
To: Pirate Girl
Sent: Sunday, May 17,2009 8:43:41 PM
Subject Re:
Art and TJ were cc’ed with all of those emails. They are both hesitant to take extreme positions cause they need to be “reporters”.
But Art has made sure he’s on that Radio interview with Cobra to make sure he can run interference for me. He he did a good job

Oh, I wonder which radio show that might be?

This is just the tip of the iceberg in this interesting file, TJ has all of the documents hosted here. It certainly makes for some interesting reading. I am sure that we will be hearing more about this complaint soon.

Simon Barrett

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