The murders at Fort Hood have been blamed on jihadi terrorism, a fantasy disease called post traumatic syndrome by proxy, and “going Postal”.

Presumably “Road Rage” will be the next diagnosis for the Psychiatrist who went on his own personal terrorist strike.

But until now, I was not aware that many of his victims were themselves members of Medical teams.

From USAToday

Five mental health workers were among 13 people shot to death when Army Maj. Nidal Hasan allegedly opened fire at a Soldier Readiness Center at Fort Hood. Another 19 behavioral health specialists were wounded, Chang says. Members of the 467th and 1908th Army Reserve Combat Stress Control detachments were at the center preparing for deployment.

Why medical units? Several reasons come to mind.

It was probably not personal, since there is no indication that any of those injured or murdered had worked with Dr. Hasan.

However, there might be other reasons that the doctor chose to kill medical personnel.

One: Medical/mental health units don’t tend to have a lot of gung ho types. Soldiers on base don’t carry weapons, but medical specialists often lack the “self defense” instinct that lets one instantly find something to use as a weapon and defend oneself.

Two: This explains the high number of females who were killed or wounded, because a lot of women serve in medical and mental health units. Hasan had a problem finding a “perfect” wife, so that also might explain why he chose to shoot women soldiers, not just men.

InFromTheCold Blog brings up another point:

Making matters worse, many of the behavioral health specialists killed or wounded at Fort Hood were preparing to deploy to Afghanistan. Given their limited numbers in the Army’s ranks, the casualties threatened to create havoc with deployment schedules, and the return of specialists already in theater.


But personally, I don’t think he was smart enough in logistics to figure that out.

Let’s face it: He was not a real “jihadi”. If he was, he could have gotten better weapons and killed a lot more people.

Hasan was a man filled with rage, who was “recruited” by radicals who infiltrate and use certain mosques to spread their hatred under the guise of religion.

Hasan chose to hate, and he aimed at medical personnel for the same reason that terrorists of all colors and religions bomb, kidnap or kill nurses, teachers, physicians, NGO workers, and innocent Muslim women in market places in places as far apart as the Philippines, Kenya, Thailand or Afghanistan: because they hate, and hatred always aims to kill the innocent and those who risk their lives to help others.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket.

She has served in the US Army National Guard when she was younger, and had several friends killed by terrorists when she worked in Africa. These terrorists were listed as “freedom fighters” by the politically correct, so they were given money from the World Council of Churches to buy their guns. This is not about Islam.

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