According to a recent report two children have now been removed from their school in Columbia, Missouri by their worried parents as a result of asbestos contamination. The two children have been enrolled at a private school in Columbia, and there are concerns that more children could follow.

Earlier this year Columbia Board of Education member Ines Segert took her son Julian out of Jefferson Junior High School, and enrolled him instead at Columbia Independent. The latest parent to remove her child is Christine Doerr, who has transferred her daughter Maria to the same private school as Julian.

Reports claim that there was an asbestos violation at the school, and concerns were so high that the school had to take on a full time air quality inspector. Mrs Doerr has made many complaints to the school over the presence of asbestos, and finally decided to remove her daughter.

She did say, however, that the air quality inspector was doing a good job, and had made the school a safer place for other students and faculty members. However, she added: “I would much rather Maria would have never been exposed to asbestos.”

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