taylor.jpgAn Amber Alert was issued yesterday for 11 year old Taylor Vo, from San Jose California. Reports say that 42 year old Tri Truong Le broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home looking for her and since he could find her at home he took her daughter at gunpoint forcing her to go with him.

Yesterday afternoon authorities located Le with the girl in the 3400 block of Pistachio Drive according to police Sgt. Jason Dwyer. Apparently there was a confrontation between Le and the police. It was reported that Le stood at one of the bedroom windows holding his arm around Taylor and he began shooting at the police.

“At this point they believed that the hostage’s life was in clear and imminent danger and they decided to force entry into the residence and rescue the hostage,” Dwyer said. Left with no choice the police forced entry into the apartment

tri-le.jpgLe continued shooting toward the officers but an officer that shot back struck Le, killing him. “It was a very difficult problem for the SWAT officers to solve, because anytime that you have an innocent person between the suspect and the officers … we have to be factoring in the safety of the hostage,” said Dwyer.

Taylor was taken to a hospital to be checked out but it has been reported that she was not harmed, thank God.

Police said Le’s criminal history included domestic violence and driving under the influence. “Today’s events really underscore the dangers of police work,” Dwyer said. “The officers were faced with a pretty daunting challenge in that they entered a fairly small apartment, had a close quarters gun battle with an armed suspect who was holding a hostage and they actually were able to free the hostage without any officers getting hurt and without the hostage getting shot.”

I am so thankful to God that Taylor Vo was found alive and well and that she is able to return to her family.

Jan Barrett

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