Jalal Sharafi, diplomat and second secretary at the Iranian Embassy in Baghdad spoke today of his 57 days of suffering at the hands of his CIA kidnappers.

Speaking from his wheel chair he gave a detailed account of his torture. Held in an underground basement for over 40 days of his ordeal by his captures he was repeatdly beaten with cables and an implement he described as a drill was used on his feet.

Jalal spoke of his CIA torturers demands for information: “Once they heard my response that Iran merely has official relations with the Iraqi government and officials, they intensified tortures and tortured me through different methods days and nights.”

After carefully studying Jalali’s medical report and the physical evidence of torture, Peter Schtoker, Red Cross representative confirmed the evidence of torture (contrary to earlier BBC reports) on his body, the holes drilled in his feet, fractures in his nose and neck, deep back wounds, bleeding in the digestive system and a perforated eardrum.

It’s not surprising to find the CIA engaged in kidnap and torture, they have a long and illustrious tradition of this, however the current US regimes contempt for international law and human rights epitomized by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’s infamous memos and the total failure of convential warfare in Iraq indicates a new appetite for this terror tactic. The choosen targets, not just civillians but in this case diplomats, underscores this new level of violence the desperation.


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