Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian or a Green Party member; you are being swindled by the politicos in Washington, DC because they don’t represent you. To use the vernacular, you’re being screwed and ripped off by the beltway Establishment because they are only concerned about staying in office. Individuals spend between $3 and $5 million running for a seat in Congress, whose annual salary is $169,400. A clear indication of how corrupt our political system has become.

Office holders are faced with a conflict of interest the moment that they run for re-election; they are conflicted between serving their country and serving themselves. Unfortunately, self always prevails and citizen representation has been lost. Career politicians, obsessed with the fame and fortune of being members of Congress, prostitute themselves to stay in office. Their efforts to stay in office are ruining this nation. Many of these corrupt careerists have served in Congress for 20, 30, even 40 years. How many tricks have they turned during those many years in office? Don’t be misled, politicians seeking to continue their careers are insensitive to the needs of the nation and its people. The Congressional seniority system is another motivator for incumbents to retain their seats. Seniority determines membership in the most important committees, the best offices, and the size of staffs.

Congress has a 14% approval rate, which means that 86% of Americans disapprove of its performance. How do office holders of both houses stay in office? Simple, they blame the members of the opposing political party. Actually, the legislators of both parties are the cause of our difficulties. Filter out the fractious rhetoric and their devious strategy for polarizing the country becomes quite apparent. The media is complicit in exacerbating and perpetuating this contentious power struggle because they earn their living preaching to either the conservatives or the liberals.

Citizens, fighting amongst themselves, vote for the incumbents year after year. We are so brainwashed that when a controversial issue is reported, our conditioned response is to blame the other side, forgetting all of the breaches of these unscrupulous legislators. Breaches such as unpaid taxes, sweetheart mortgages, home purchases dramatically below market value, noncompetitive federal contracts for spouses, cash stored in a legislator’s refrigerator, legislative favors for special interests, wasteful earmarks, ad infinitum.

Career politicians have capitalized on the fact that the Constitution doesn’t prescribe term limits for government offices. This loop hole exists because our forefathers didn’t anticipate individuals would make a career of public office. In their day, being a legislator was a real sacrifice. These pioneers faced long, strenuous, dangerous round trips to Philadelphia on horseback or horse and buggy. Letters took three or four weeks, lack of housing forced them to double up in beds with strangers, and enduring harsh weather conditions with inadequate heating and no cooling.

There’s no need to hold rallies and be subjected to media attacks, just use your vote to solve this problem. In the next election, you can exert your will in a simple, effective, non confrontational way by casting your ballot in the privacy of an election booth against the Congressional incumbents. Our crusade can be successful as the 1978 California Proposition 13 campaign. Messrs Jarvis and Gann led this populace movement that capped excessive property taxation. When we triumphantly “kick the bums out,” legislators will be hesitant to run for re-election and will responsively serve their constituents.

In this recession, banks are getting rid of their toxic mortgages, let’s get rid of our toxic legislators, they don’t deserve to represent us. You can get more information about “kick the bums out” in the book, “Election Hangover,” which you can purchase for only one dollar by using this link: www.democracyconservator.org.

Please pass this blog on, so that we can build a populace movement to restore our Constitutional rights.

Art Woodrow


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