[Khalid is a good email friend whom I met through several of the peace group lists.  He cares deeply and is a realist who writes frequently about matters over there (he was trained in the U.S. as a journalist). His sense that current events are some sort of fairy land version of reality is more than sound.  One wonders why we do not encounter such realities more frequently in discussions of the conflict and any possible resolution of it.  Khalid favors non-violence, but the festering wounds of the Palestinians will not deter violent responses to Israel’s occupation by Muslims who have had it over there.  I would not want to be dependent on the protection of the Bush administration, were I an Israeli.  Pakistan which has nuclear weapons may go up in flames at any moment.  The wall that Israel has constructed is no defense against rockets bearing g-d knows what.  One hopes for the best, but things do not look good.  Read Khalid for the perspective of someone who cares deeply and sees things as they are.  Ed Kent]

The two-state solution is dead

By Khalid Amayreh in occupied East Jerusalem


19 July, 2007

Like confused, disoriented children,  Palestinian leaders and politicians keep babbling  about  building a   Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, with East Jerusalem as its capital, as if the prospect of creating such a state is still real.

Some of these leaders, like PA president Mahmoud Abbas and his “eternally-optimistic”  Prime Minister Salam Fayadh,  even have the audacity to refer to their hapless Ramallah fief  as “state of Palestine.”

I  really can’t  comprehend  how these people,  who are entrusted with the national burden,   continue to deceive themselves and their  people,  in such a scandalous and obscene manner, by incessantly talking about an impossible state that will never ever see the light, not now or after fifty years.

Are they drunk? Are they blind?  Are they stupid?

Well, one doesn’t have to be a great authority on  the Israeli-Palestinian strife to realize that there is no longer any realistic possibility for  a viable Palestinian state in the West Bank.

Israel simply has  killed that possibility by building as many as 200 Jewish towns and colonies on the very small territory  these misguided leaders are still dreaming  of building their putative state.

Moreover,  Israel has already transferred over half a million fanatical  settlers onto the West Bank and East Jerusalem, which really renders any prospect of establishing  a  Palestinian state worthy of the name utterly unrealistic  if not outright impossible.

A few years ago, this writer asked the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat during a reception  at the Hebron University where he would establish “the Palestinian state” when the West Bank was already congested with Jewish-only settlements.

Arafat had no answer. And after a moment of silence,  he  said the following:  ” We can’t belie God’s words, and God says that Jews will gather in Palestine, only to be vanquished into smithereens.”

Then Arafat recited a Quranic verse  which prophesied  the creation of Israel and then its ultimate destruction at the hands of “true servants of God.”

Arafat died a mysterious death in November 2004 and many Palestinians and foreigners  point an accusing finger toward  the Israeli intelligence. Hamas leaders  last month accused former Gaza strongman  Muhammed Dahlan of having “killed”  Arafat on Israel’s behalf.

Arafat’s successors, who have  apparently decided to place themselves squarely into Israel’s and America’s laps,  mainly in order to isolate Hamas at any price and by whatever means necessary,  don’t have the courage to recognize the obvious, namely that there is no real prospect for a  Palestinian state.

Sadly, they will continue to hanker  after a mirage, thinking it is water, until they faint and collapse and die of thirst.

Of course, Israel doesn’t like to hear anything about the death of the two-state solution. Israel wants the two-state solution to die practically  a quiet and gradual death but  hopes to keep it alive formally.  This  is exactly what has happened as the Israeli government continues to assert its commitment to Palestinian statehood while doing everything possible on the ground  to eviscerate such a prospective state of substance.

In so doing Israel has actually  succeeded in desensitizing the world community, including the Arab world,  against  what would have been a great  shock at seeing  the prospect of a viable Palestinian state  torn into smithereens.

Non the less, Israel still wants to  give   Palestinians a “state,” namely a deformed entity made  up of Bantustans, enclaves and townships, an entity with  a form but without substance, cut off from each other and  tightly  surrounded by Jewish settlements, without Jerusalem,  without sovereignty, without freedom, and without future.

Needless to say, such a hapless and disfigured  entity, the kind of which Israel and her guardian-ally would be a solution for Zionism’s demographic problem, not for  the Palestinian question.

It is  a “state” onto  which Israel would eventually dump  all unwanted Palestinians, including Israel’s own Palestinian citizens.because “Israel is a Jewish state and you  are not Jews.”!!!!

In fact Israel has  a satanic scheme and it seems to work like  this.

Israel will continue to create facts on the ground all over the West Bank until it reaches the point at which a further expansion becomes  undesirable.

At that point, Israel would  appeal “earnestly” to “our Palestinian cousins  to come to  the peace table and, please, give peace a chance.”

“Our children and your children deserve to live in peace, let us stop bloodshed, let us forget the past, let us try to build a prosperous future for our two peoples,” Israeli leaders and  spokesperson would then say, with all the honesty in the world  appearing in the tone of their voices.

The deceitful,  poisoned words, reflecting “the New Israel”   would leave an  instant positive impression on  Naïve Europeans and North Americans, and the  Jewish-controlled media in the west, especially in North America,  would just parrot  and prominently feature “the earnest calls for peace coming from Israel”.

Hundreds of high-sounding  captions, glorifying the new dawn of peace in the Middle East, would hit the front pages of  Zionist-influenced  American  newspapers from New York times on the eastern coast  to LA Times on the western coast.   Moreover, CNN, ABC, CBS,  Fox News, BBC and even Aljazeera would celebrate the long-awaited dawning of “New Israel” with breaking news and euphoric live coverage.

Furthermore, the American congress would hold a special session to endorse and bless Israel’s peace drive and to urge  the Arabs and especially  Palestinians to be realistic and abandon the “culture of hate.”

Even the UN  Security Council would hold a special session at US request, praising Israel’s “good-will toward the Palestinians,” and calling on Palestinians to reciprocate.

In short, the whole world would celebrate the final consummation of the murder of Palestine.

And in case the frustrated and thoroughly tormented Palestinians cried out for justice, they would harshly be  silenced and  accused of wanting to perpetuate war and conflict and set the clock of time backward  when peace was  finally getting  a real chance.

There is no doubt that  this is Israel’s ultimate plan for the Palestinians and their homeland

However,  there is also  no doubt that this scheme  will fail, because then, with nothing to lose, and with the world conspiring to bring about the  final chapter of the Palestinian people’s national annihilation,  every single Arab and every single Muslim on the face of earth would be forced to  morph into a potential  human bomb.

And yes, an existential and open-ended war of a different kind would ensue ,  and  would end only when Israel was no more. Such a war would consume millions, if not tens of millions of people. A nuclear holocaust of some sort would not be out of question. In short, the world, or much of it, would not be a nice place to live in. And many many people would wish they were dead.

Palestine, Zionists and their American benefactors  should understand ,  is not an isolated Muslim enclave in the heart of Europe, like Bosnia or Kosova. Palestine is the heart of the Arab-Muslim world, and every Muslim on the face of earth will continue to recite  “Glory be to Him who summoned His servant by the  night, from the Sacred Mosque  ( in Mecca) to the Aqsa Mosque (in Jerusalem), whose surroundings we have blessed, in order to show him some of our signs. Verily, He is the Hearer, the Seer”

Hence, there  is a very little likelihood that  the world’s 1500 million Muslims would allow Palestine to go into oblivion.

Of course, this doomsday scenario can be avoided but sooner rather than later.

Today,  Israel hasn’t only killed the two-state solution, it has also effectively  killed the prospect of peace between Islam and Judaism, because Palestine is the anvil point of both religions.

But there is still a slim chance to avert the unthinkable which is   not  really unpredictable, given the history of the Middle East.

This chance lies in the creation of a single democratic and civil state in the area extending from the Mediterranean to the River Jordan.

In such a state, Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace and equality, without any discrimination based on  religion, color or race.

It is either  one state for all, or war, death and destruction for many many years to come.

Because Palestinians, who already make up 50% of the population of Palestine-Israel are here to stay. They won’t leave. And they won’t accept occupation and apartheid for ever.


“A war is just if there is no alternative, and the resort to arms is legitimate if they represent your last hope.” (Livy cited by Machiavelli)

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