Kevin Federline has a way to solve his money problems. He’s planning on selling a four-hour sex tape he and soon-to-be ex-wife Britney Spears made – either to her or one of the numerous companies wanting to put it online. According to reports, he’s been offered $50 million for the tape from several companies but would sell it to Britney for $30 million and custody of their two sons.

A source close to Federline says Britney never thought twice about making the tape because she assumed she and her husband would stay together. “They lived their lives in front of the cameras – even making a short-lived reality TV show of their exploits,” the friend said. “Sex was no different to them, it seems. Now this video could prove very costly to her. Millions of people will be prepared to pay to watch. Kevin has told Britney she should comply with his demands otherwise the whole world will see her having sex, which will be devastating. At the moment Kev is in talks with a company in Arizona about putting the four-hour sex vid online. If it all goes to plan he’ll make [$50 million] from it.”

This comes during a legal battle disputing Spears’ alleged 60-page prenuptial agreement which would protect her from having to share her $162 million fortune with Federline, who says no such document exists. Recently, a check for $3,625 allegedly signed by Federline to pay his rent made it onto E-bay bearing an insufficient funds stamp.

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