Who does Kevin think he is, Britney Spears?  Oh wait, no he’s just her ex.  From the list of things he demands backstage when he performs, he must think he is in the same category.  His album has sold only 6500 copies (compared to Britney’s 76 million albums to date) yet he still demands some things that would even make seasoned vets look sideways.  This is not the entire list but here’s a peek at some of his demands:

GNC Emergenc powder

1 bottle of Jack Daniels

1 bottle of Grey Goose Vodka

2 packs of Marlboro cigarettes (1 red/1 light)    (He can’t even be bothered to buy his own cigs?Geez)

6 cans of Red Bull

6 one liter size bottles of Spring Water (No Evian please)  

 Box of Altoids (red)

2 aromatherapy pillar candles

The list goes on and on.  You can see it



No wonder he’s trying to blackmail Britney, he’s gotten accustomed to getting what he wants and needs to ensure that will continue.

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