by Craig Dimitri

The Kerry Chaos continues to wend its way into hotly contested House races, such as the Pa. 8th CD.  As could be anticipated, on Wednesday, challenger Patrick Murphy (D) defended John F. Kerry‘s controversial remark, delivered on Halloween.  In contrast, incumbent Mike Fitzpatrick (R) called for Kerry to apologize to U.S. military personnel.

According to the local Philadelphia CBS affiliate, Murphy ( defended Kerry, amidst the firestorm that has gathered around the former Democratic presidential candidate.
“He said he didn’t mean what he said was very quick about it and that’s what is important. He supports troops and we need a change of direction in Iraq.”

Obviously, the Republican incumbent took the opposite view.  CBS3 reported that Fitzpatrick ( stated that Kerry “has some disdain for the people in the military and a comment that he should apologize for”. 

The Kerry fiasco could very well make the difference in this race, where veterans’ issues are playing a large role.  Murphy is banking on his military service in Iraq as a way of neutralizing the traditional GOP advantage on national security issues, and to offset Fitzpatrick’s charges that he is too inexperienced in government to serve in Congress.

CBS 3 story –

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