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MIRANDA Kerr seems to have it all – the boy (Orlando Bloom!), the career (Victoria’s Secret Angels), the health, the life – and it seems the young girl knows this, as she is looking to share the life around with the help of a little book.

The just-turned-25-year-old model is apparently searching for a publisher for a self-help book for teens focusing on nutrition and exercise.

The book, apparently titled ‘Treasure Yourself’, is set to be a collaboration of handy hints, including the importance of carrying a magnet (great for bringing positive vibes into your life).

The young face of David Jones and fabled Victoria’s Secret model also puts weight to the theory of food combining.

Kerr, who studied nutrition and sport psychology, is keen to help others in their journey to find the right healthy path.

“Basically, it’s a whole lot of information that I’ve found, that has helped me.” She says.

“If I can help one girl by doing this then I’ve completed my purpose.”

Kerr, who says that she loves the process of writing but puts pen to paper mainly on planes, has already had a lot of interest in her book.

But she currently maintains the status, being adamant of the entire result of the product.

“I want it to look a certain way. It must look beautiful and be something that every girl will want to keep, like a beautifully embossed diary.”

And who wouldn’t want a look into the mind of one of the world’s most rising stars, especially after attracting one of Hollywood’s hottest men – Mr Orlando Bloom.

According to, ‘each morning the immensely likeable Kerr dishes up her boyfriend a pick-me-up based on garlic, kale and spinach, which has them both bouncing off the walls’.

Kerr is also fond of practicing a few yoga moves – including standing on her head – before stepping out.

And with Kerr it’s about brains as much as it is about beauty.

“You can change even the structure of your cells with your mind,” she attests. “It is such a powerful tool.”

Kerr and Bloom are currently holidaying in Sydney, where Kerr is promoting her fresh role as the face of David Jones; as well as getting some much-needed time with Bloom.

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