By Honey Gillard

With the absence of Australia’s continental supermodel Megan Gale from the David Jones campaigns, DJ scouts have been peeling their eyes open for a new fresh face for their company – someone with the talent, the looks and the ‘tude. It seems two of Australia’s top models are being pinned for this honourable role – one the always classy Miss Universe 2006 Jennifer Hawkins; the other the young, fresh Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr.

Recently David Jones’ general manager of apparel, Colette Garnsey, failed to confirmed hopeful news of the 24-year-old Gunnedah gal (Kerr) as the fulfiller of Gale’s all-so-tall shoes. Garnsey would only say that an appointment would be made in due time.

She revealed: “Up until now we’ve really been focusing on this season, our last one with Megan, and I think that is something to worry about in the future.”

Brisbane Times claims that ‘it is likely that an appointment will be made in the coming weeks as the retailer prepares for its new season catalogue and summer collections launch in August.’

Anticapation built even more for the young supermodel’s possible job after Myer’s marketing and creative director, Paul Bonnici, reported that Kerr would be an “interesting” appointment.

“I think Jennifer is probably a lot more well-known than Miranda. And Miranda has also been an ambassador for Portmans for a couple of years, so she will still be known as the face of Portmans, so it will interesting,” he stated.

It would appear that Kerr has already set a foot in the David Jones door after appearing in their latest catalogue. Kerr is also now free from her Portmans contract. Seems convenient to me?

Though it is looking good for Kerr at the moment, she is a busy girl these days between her career and Hollywood beau Orlando Bloom, and it is gonna be hard competing with her competitor, Jennifer Hawkins’, “glamorous and squeaky-clean image”.

Marketing lecturer at RMIT, Stephen Downes, said supported Hawkins for the role saying: “I think it will be difficult to find the right person that brings … an international profile and a grounded, wholesome image.”

Gale will continue in her role as a brand ambassador for the retailer, after reprising her role as the face of David Jones.

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