By Honey Gillard
KERI Russell is to appear in a two-episode stint of t.v sitcom, Scrubs.
The former ‘Felicity’ star will play a wild soroity sister named Melody, who is also Elliot’s college roommate. The character will also catch the attention of J.D (Zach Braff), who hopes to get lucky with her.
The episode’s will be titled “My Turf War” and “My Cold Shower” and are expected to air on April 26 and May 3.
Mrs. Russell was recently interviewed by ‘TVguide’:
Tell me about your big make-out scene with Zach. [Laughs] I told him, “Do girls just get hired to make out with you?” Like, every new girl makes out with Zach. But, you know, he said I was his first pregnant girl.

I was flipping through Vanity Fair a few months ago and came across you… naked! [Laughs] You do an entire photo shoot full of beautiful clothes for an entire day, and then the last five minutes as you’re walking out the door they’re like, “Wait! Let’s do one more thing!” It was a total of seven minutes and that’s the one they chose.

Were you upset? No. I thought it was fine. I thought it was totally tasteful. I don’t think there’s much about me that’s provocative or over the line, so I thought it was fine. But Shane, at the time, was like, “You did what?”

Kerri is also expecting her first little bundle of joy this coming season, with her hubby Shane Deary.

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Sources: JustJared

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