Ken Hensley: Blood on the Highway

A concept album of sorts about the early 70s history of great man recalling his days in Black Foot and Uriah Heep. New material that sounds modern and fitting is what you find here. He has invited a whole bunch of mates along including Glenn “I have to oversing everything” Hughes, Jorn Lande (ex Masterplan, The Ark etc etc), John Lawton and Eve Gallagher (for the female vocals needed). Heartfelt and sincere the class of this outting exudes from your speakers in heaps. Its a great pleasure to listen to from the first try.

This CD was recorded in Alicante in Spain, it drips with class and talent. There is nothing on here that one could consider a dud or filler. Fourteen tracks that never get tired or dull. Everyone clearly demonstrating the talent of the man. Yes it might be a concept album but don’t let that scare you off. The songs stand by themselves as well as flowing into the whole concept. Yes another clue to the talent of this guy.

A must for the fans of the man and his past bands, but also a testament to a time of great importance for heavy rock. A real treat for hard rock fans of any age.

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