-By Warner Todd Huston

Talk about bending over backwards to excuse racist comments! Charles Coulter, Opinion Page Editor of the Kansas City Star newspaper has said that he’s had “Enough” and says that these “attacks on Obama and Jeremiah Wright are ludicrous.” Coulter is scolding any of us who take offense that Obama’s racist Rev. has said things like “God damn America,” and is himself outraged over our “ludicrous” anger over Wright’s claims that the U.S. invented AIDS solely to kill black people.

Coulter starts off with this dismissive summary:

So the Rev. Jeremiah Wright made comments that some portray as hate-filled and anti-American.

It’s hard not to “portray” Wright’s comments as “hate-filled and anti-American” when he said that the U.S. basically deserved the murderous attacks on 9/11/01 that killed thousands of innocent Americans!

Coulter then tries to blow off the whole incident as something that should be forgotten because the Rev. Wright’s opinion is “covered by something called the First Amendment.”

Well, it is certainly true that the racist Rev’s right to free speech has been properly exercised. And, I don’t know of a single commentator who has said that Wright has no right to say what he said. Coulter certainly set himself up a straw man to knock down, for sure.

But, here is the salient point that Coulter does his level best to ignore. Barack Obama has intimately involved himself and his entire family with a man that despises the very country that Barack wants to become the leader of and this association with such a man as Wright speaks volumes about Barack, himself. Let’s face it, human nature dictates that most people associate with people of like mind. And, if Barack found Wright’s obscene rhetoric so distasteful, how is it that he felt so darn comfortable with the man, enough so that he exposed his impressionable children to this ranting lunatic?

But let’s try an exercise to illustrate this situation in another way. What if a southern Senator, say a fellow like Trent Lott, was running for president. Let’s imagine that Trent Lott had a 20-year-long, intimate relationship with the Grand Wizard of the Mississippi KKK. What would people then be saying of Trent Lott? In fact, we don’t have to wonder too much because only a few short years ago Trent Lott was chased from his position of power in the Senate merely for saying a few nice things about a man who had been a segregationist decades ago — but had not been so outspokenly racist in decades.

And now comes a fellow like Charles Coulter who wants us all to just forget about this whole Obama/Wright deal? We should forget a guy that said “God damn America,” not decades ago, but just recently?

Yet, to Coulter this is all a “made-up issue.”

If you don’t like Obama, fine. If you don’t like his policies, fine. But let’s not waste any more time over a made-up issue.

And Coulter says it’s all just talk, anyway.

Rev. Wright is not leading nor advocating a revolution. He is just venting, and in many ways, preaching to the choir. Shouldn’t a man or woman be judged more by his or her actions?

“Just venting” and merely “preaching to the choir” is exactly the problem here. Because if Wright was “just” saying things that everyone in his audience wanted to hear and say everyday themselves, then we don’t have but one fellow with such a hateful opinion, we have an entire congregation of white-hating, anti-American, hate-mongers. And Barack is ONE of them!

If this sort of rhetoric is somehow common in black churches, then this is something to be alarmed at, not something to just blow off as a fake issue.

Coulter is an ignorant apologist for racism, hate, anti-Americanism and, even worse, is an advocate of keeping black Americans in a perpetual state of anger and turmoil that will, in the end, only serve to keep them down and out.

Coulter is one of those responsible for forcing blacks in America, people who have lived in this country since day one, many of whom today have been native-born Americans for many generations, to being passed up by Mexican immigrants who have only really made their mark in the last 30 years in the USA.

If you want to see someone holding blacks down, look at a liberal like Charles Coulter who seems to find no reason to let blacks in America “off the plantation,” as the saying goes. Look at a man who excuses the vitriol and turmoil that suppresses the confidence that blacks have to move forward. And then see that reflected in the hate coming from Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Jr., and see that hate accepted by a man who wants to become the president of a country that is filled with the very white people his “spiritual mentor” has damned for 20 years.

Then tell me that Wright’s hatred and racist rhetoric is a “made-up issue.”


Warner Todd Huston is a Chicago based freelance writer, has been writing opinion editorials and social criticism since early 2001 and is featured on many websites such as newsbusters.org, townhall.com, New Media Journal, Men’s News Daily and the New Media Alliance among many, many others. Additionally, he has been a frequent guest on talk-radio programs to discuss his opinion editorials and current events. He has also written for several history magazines and appears in the new book “Americans on Politics, Policy and Pop Culture” which can be purchased on amazon.com. He is also the owner and operator of publiusforum.com. Feel free to contact him with any comments or questions : EMAIL Warner Todd Huston

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